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7 Non Negotiable Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs



Do you ever feel like your life is full of distractions?

Do you find it hard to focus on the task at hand, or even remember what that task was? If this sounds like you then here are some tips that will help!

The first step is to create a plan. What are the tasks that need to be completed?

How much time should be allotted for each one?

This can all vary depending on what stage in the process you’re at.

For example, if there’s something research-heavy due tomorrow morning, don’t spend hours looking up recipes last night.

Make sure everything gets done by staying organized and prioritizing important tasks ahead of less urgent ones.


productivity for entrepreneurs

Solo Entrepreneur?

Ya might sound exciting but it will be you who will be in the planning process, strategic decisions, marketing your posts or hard items, and as well as creating the beautiful advertisement stuff.

Seems like a bit of work now. Well yes, it is.

So you think you can do all this without actually planning it?

Then NO. Flying solo means you have to have a proper effective plan to carry out your business and your productivity should be in the highest form as you will always run out of time.

Coz’ soo many works to do.

Let’s see some productivity tips for entrepreneurs which will help you in making YOU.



When I started blogging a year back, honestly I never thought I would buy these ideas of maintaining a planner or whatsoever. As for me, all these were just fancy ways of time waste.

I do not even remember when I gradually started planning my daily task for the next day, before going to bed.

So when I woke up I do not have to waste time thinking about what do I do now. Instead I just mindlessly follow my notebook as priorities are already set.

I am a paper planner girl who loves to write down tasks and goals with a pen.

You may check bullet journaling and some beautiful weekly spreads for bullet journals to help you in the way.

This digital stuff never got my heart. And that does not mean that Google calendar or scheduler like ASANA does not work fine. In fact, they work great as per the reviews I have.

So check out which works better for you.

My notebook consists of daily to-dos and the same notebook consists of monthly and quarterly goals too.

Just make sure that your daily tasks and schedules are leading you to your monthly/quarterly goals.

Your planner should definitely have space for your daily priority tasks. It definitely helps you to complete your daily goals smoothly.



This is a very crucial step for a productive morning.

You may be running a youtube channel and I can understand that it is important for you to go through the comments.

But early morning is just not the time.

Watch as many entrepreneurs daily stories and you will see most of them speak about morning schedules as it is IMPORTANT.

I start my day with a cup of coffee and followed by a 30-40 minutes exercise.

So even if I fail to have a good day at work, I will know at least my morning ‘me time’ went well and it was productive.

It will make me feel less gloomy.

I have seen it many times, that when my mornings are shuffled up then I become lethargic for the rest of the day.

So try to make your mornings a bit close to ‘perfections’ in your definition.




Okay, let’s see an example.

Suppose you are allocating 10 hours to write a post. You will surely need 10hours or more to actually complete it.

If your research is done well then you are not going to require more than 4-5 hours to write a blog post. Or even lesser than that depending on the topic.

So, do not allocate more time for work that is not required. This way you can save yourself from procrastination.

Remember the amount of time you are giving for work, it will take that much only. (Just be logical in allocating time).



By functional schedule, I mean something which is actionable. Not something which is having big plans jotted down. But the plans that can actually be accomplished.

When you are going to your regular office then automatically you fall into some functional schedules as you will get up at a particular timing, reach the office, follow someone’s instructions and start your work.

But what happens when you are actually working from home or running your own office or a business?

You are your Boss and to run your own business, first set the proper functional schedule which will enhance your productivity.



Time blocking technique is definitely a part of functional scheduling.

It improves your focus and lets your work be done.

If you have a list of priority tasks and do not know when to complete them then time blocking is the answer.

Time blocking leads to a higher productivity level with awareness.

My schedule somewhat looks like this:

7 AM TO 8.30 AM- Me time, morning coffee, exercise, getting set to work

8.30-9.30 AM – Complete my priority list

9.30 AM – 10.00 AM: Breakfast

10 AM – 11.30 AM: Check if any priority lists are left out or else carry on with the scheduled tasks.

11:30 – 12.30 PM: Me time, Lunch, Break

N my list goes on like this till I review and make notes for the next day.

And yes a lot of time is devoted to my quarterly goals or better to say making the roadmap for my blog to go. Coz’ without a plan it will lead you nowhere.

I have a toddler so it’s a hell of lot of other works too.



To meet your daily tasks it is required that you should not get distracted while working.

What are the breaks for when you keep on surfing social media while working?

That means to put your smartphone away. Or at least turn off the mobile wifi or mobile data.


The second thing is to keep your workspace neat and clean.

If your workspace is unorganized and messy, then your creative mind flow will never work and you will end up writing something boring or non-relatable to your audience.

Which is definitely not going to help you in long run.

If you are writing something for your short-lived site without feeling the need of your audience then keep on writing anything. As initially, it may attract some traffic depending on your marketing skills.

But in a long run, you need a brand for yourself, and for that, your posts should be relatable to your audience, and hence cleaning up your workspace will make you focus on intangible factors.



Do strategic planning just as you would do in any business venture.

Most of the bloggers fly solo. So it is of utmost importance for you to have a board meeting with yourself.

Yes, a mind-to-mind talk.

Sounding stupid?

Well, this is important. Else how are you going to plan some functional monthly and quarterly goals?

I do not have any monthly goals but I definitely have my quarterly goals set.

And yes, those are non-negotiable.

If I have already planned to write 20 posts for the next quarter then I would definitely do that no matter what.

And those posts will be 2000 words on average and detailed according to their requirements.

Yes, sometimes it does happen that I am changing some of my quarterly goals but that is not due to lack of time or productivity but maybe I am just dropping off some plans for my blog or some changes in the business scenario.



All these productivity tips for entrepreneurs being said, it does not mean you will turn into a robot.

Be generous to your timings and RELAX.

You have not launched your business to grunt all day but to enjoy your passion and profession.

Enjoy your schedules.


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طراحان نواندیش پویا

Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

Thanks for submitting this entry


Friday 28th of September 2018

Wow, really motivating article loved it truly. I have been starting my mornings with the social media but now I will put a strong block to that.

Thanks again for sharing these amazing ideas


Sunday 30th of September 2018

Hey thanks Adarsh for the words

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