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How to use Adwords Keyword Planner for Beginners


Here comes the Adwords Keyword Planner tool which I have been bragging up for so many times.

Google keyword search tool is the easiest tool to find correct keywords to write our posts for search engine optimization. Keyword planner is a very useful tool to find out the most searched terms and phrases.

There are many other tools available both for free or paid. For example, SEMRUSH is a classy keyword research tool which gives vivid details of CPC, search rankings, along with the long tail keyword suggestions but it is a paid service. You can try semrush for free as trial version for few days.

You should go through the Keyword Research Process very well before you start finding out your focus keyword.


You only need your Google Account to access the Google Keyword Tool.

Sign in to Adwords Keyword Planner with your Gmail ID.
Some of the bloggers have said that they are directed to the campaign page like the screen shot below.
best keyword research tools
If you are facing the same issue then click on Tools> Keyword Planner.
best keyword research tools
You can also Sign in to Google Adwords >Tools>Keyword Planner
Adwords Keyword Planner Tool
This is the landing page for Google Keyword Analysis Tool and you will be getting 3 options to find out your desired keyword. 
  • Searching for new keywords either by entering the keywords or the keyword phrase.
  • Get the volume trends of searched results for particular keyword or phrases.
  • Using multiple keywords to get new keywords.
Google Keyword tool is designed for the advertisers. So there are several options which we will not require as a blogger to find out our most searched keywords and using them perfectly in our posts.

Search for new keywords>Product or service

You need to enter your keywords in ‘product or service’. I will suggest you put 2-3 related keywords in your niche.
For example, for illustration, I am using ‘cardamom weight loss’.
The next two rows can be left blank. best keyword research tools



You can target the location and language of your keywords and thus have a customized result.
 best keyword research tools
I have used my location as the United States and you can change it into your desired country by editing it.
You can also edit the language option. Set it as English in the United States or other options you need.
The negative keywords are only applicable to advertisers so you should omit it.
Click on Get Ideas to get the displayed results.


The result will be displayed as Ad group ideas which are used by the advertisers. But we are bloggers who are in search of our most searched keywords in our related field, so we need to click on ‘Keyword Ideas’ which will provide us with search volume trends of average monthly searches of our given keywords along with the competition of phrase. 
 best keyword research tools
As we have used ‘cardamom weight loss’ as our example so here we can see that the average monthly searches of the phrase are between 10-100 and the competition is also low.
We can also check the related keywords and phrases which can be used as long tail keywords. ‘Cinnamon weight loss’, ‘Cinnamon Honey’ etc. There are several search results given along with the monthly searches and its competitions.


There are millions of websites and blogs on several niche topics. High competition denotes the keyword phrases which are widely searched and have numerous sites for those related keywords.
On the other hand, Low Competition keywords have less monthly searches and there are fewer sites in comparison to high competition keywords.
If you are an established site then going for high competitive keywords will not matter at all as you are already having your customer base. But if you have just started blogging and want the search engines to display your site in their search results then it will be easier for you to rank with very low competitive keywords.
Less Competitive Keywords = Higher chances of getting displayed on Page 1
If it gets displayed on the first page of search results then automatically it will attract viewers and result in your blog popularity.
best keyword research tools
We have already checked that Google Adwords presents a number of related keyword phrases with their average monthly searches and Competition.


If you want to know the keywords with high average searches then you click on ‘Avg monthly searches’ to set it to ascending or descending order.


Click on the competition tab.
You can have high and low competition keywords displayed as per your choice. If you need to check only the low competition keywords then click on the down arrow beside competition and Low Competition keywords will be displayed and vice versa.
Now you can find all the Low Competition phrases which you can use as a target or focus keywords in your blog.
You can easily put your focus keyword through Yoast Plugin.
We can find out both high and low competition long tail keywords using Google keyword planner.
‘Black cardamom side effects’, ‘Healing properties of cardamom’, ‘Eating elaichi during pregnancy’ are the various Long Tail Keywords which we can easily find out using Keyword Planner.

Low competition keywords will definitely help you to get in the search results, but how does it affect the earning of your blog? 



If you are using monthly searches between 1000-2000 times keeping your competition low then you will get a handful of visitors which may contribute to your blog earning.
You will not get many visitors if you are using very low competitive keywords below 100. As there are not many people searching for the term and hence low traffic.


If you are blogging to earn some dime then choose your keywords very wisely. Low competition keywords with a suggested bid or Cost Per Click (CPC) between 2$-3$ are ideal to earn effectively.



Having no blogging goals and not knowing what the next steps should be will lead your blog nowhere.

There is EVERYTHING on the internet, but you need to have a proper direction to establish your blog.

I got my Blogging Goals and a definite focus from Scrivs and his community of Billionaire Blog Club. I really do not understand how can someone be available 24*7 answering to all member queries.

BBC has everything you can ever need in a blogging journey. Starting from SEO, wordpress, google analytics to Pinterest marketing, course creation, email marketing.

No that does not mean you have to take this course to have blogging success.

Just take any courses you feel like. Or else you can also learn on your own but that will be a bit slow paced just like me on the 1st year of blogging.

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of everything you need to learn to build a successful blog then join the free 12-Day Blogging Bootcamp ~  Scrivs

Start the Free 12 Day Blogging Bootcamp   


Adwords keyword planner tool is definitely one of the best keyword research tools if you can use it very efficiently. It will be easier for you to get the long tail keywords from other free long tail tools and you can check for the search volume and suggested bid from google AdWords tool.

Paid keyword tools definitely give the valuable results. But as a newbie, if you do not want paid version then adwords keyword planning tool is the best option.

This post may contain affiliate links for which I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. 


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Cathy, 1929 Charmer Cottage

Friday 30th of March 2018

What happened to me is that I landed on the first page you shown...and it won't let me out of it..I keep clicking on the login page you provide and then I have to log in. Then it keeps taking me to the campaign I started unknowingly. So I'll give up on google

So I'll use one of the other sites you recommended and I thank you for a great article.

P.S you screenshots are up to date and reflect when I land there.


Saturday 31st of March 2018

Hey thanks Cathy for updating me. This post seems to be controversial as many says the screen shots are not matching. Thanks for letting me know that it matches with yours.


Thursday 17th of August 2017

I use this tool but not in the manner you indicated. I was trying to follow along and absolutely none of your print screens coincide with what's on my screen either. You may want to retest these steps again using a completely different account and then you will see what the rest of us are seeing.


Friday 18th of August 2017

Hey Tosha thank you for letting me know that the problem still persists. I am going to check it from a different account.


Thursday 3rd of August 2017

I'm having the same issues as the person above, which is why I can't be bothered with AdWords. It forces you to set up your first ad including payment before you can even access keyword planner. le sigh.


Thursday 3rd of August 2017

Nidalie if you are following the comment then try this one. . Let me know if its working for you


Saturday 22nd of July 2017

I don't want to sound problematic but all the screenshots don't look alike on my screen from the start, seems like i can not find the right buttons :( it's hard that Google changes a lot, your links seem to bring me somewhere else and not to the tool :( thanks anyway


Saturday 22nd of July 2017

Hey thanks for bringing it to my concern. But the link is leading to the tool. Sign in with your Google account.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.