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Calcite Crystal: Metaphysical Properties and Healing Power


Calcite crystals are one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and possess a variety of fascinating properties.

These crystals belong to the carbonate mineral group and are composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Calcite crystals can form in a range of colors, including clear, white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and gray, depending on the impurities present during their formation.


calcite crystal


Metaphysical Properties of Calcite Crystal

In metaphysical and alternative healing practices, calcite is associated with various metaphysical properties and is believed to possess unique energies and vibrations.

Here are some commonly attributed metaphysical properties of calcite:


Energy Amplification:

Calcite is known for its ability to amplify and enhance energies.

It is believed to boost the energy of individuals, other crystals, and spiritual practices. This amplification quality is thought to make intentions and affirmations more potent.


Cleansing and Purification:

Calcite is considered a purifying crystal that can cleanse negative energies and remove stagnant or blockage-causing energy.

It is believed to help clear and revitalize the aura, chakras, and energy centers.


Spiritual Growth and Transformation:

Calcite is thought to aid in spiritual growth and transformation.

It is believed to facilitate personal growth, inspire new ideas, and help individuals navigate life changes.

Calcite is sometimes used to promote spiritual awakening and expand consciousness.


Calcite and Spirituality

 1. Intuition and Psychic Abilities: Calcite is associated with enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

It is believed to stimulate psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and telepathy. Some practitioners use calcite to deepen their intuitive connections and access spiritual guidance.


2. Manifestation and Abundance: Calcite is believed to assist in manifesting desires and attracting abundance.

It is thought to align one’s intentions with the energies of manifestation and attract positive opportunities and prosperity.


3. Meditation and Spiritual Connection: Calcite is often used during meditation and spiritual practices to deepen the meditative state and facilitate spiritual connection.

It is believed to open channels of communication with higher realms, guides, and divine energies.


Calcite is widely found on almost every continent.


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Calcite Crystal Properties

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